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Saturday, 20 December 2014

AVR Microcontroller- Basic Idea

Hello Reader,
In the introduction part,i told you about what is the important to know the programming and also told you about that what is the need to have an idea of AVR(ROBOTICS).So in this page i am going to tell you about what are the major terms that we should know about AVR and this terms will be important for you when you will going to write the programming.
Microcontroller:- It is the small chip computer which contains various peripherals like Timers ,                                        EPROM etc., to perform the given task.So this is the type of the computer but it is not a computer,because computer has the general task on single machine where we can do different tasked like to save files, to install the software etc., but Microcontroller is  only do one tasked at a time like if the room temp. drop,then AC will automatically switch Off and vice versa.There are differents types of microcontroller and they are :- 8051,AVR ,PIC,ARM,8086 etc. In this blog we are going to know about the AVR microcontroller.
Histroy about AVR :-It was developed in year 1996 by Atmel Corporation. Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan introduce architecture of AVR. AVR  comes from Alf-Egil Bogen Vegard Wollan RISC microcontroller,and is also known as Advance Virtual RISC.
AVR microcontroller has three categories,they are as follows:-
1) TinyAVR:- By the name itself it can be understand that it is less memory. (6-32 KB)
2)MegaAVR:- its has memory upto (256 KB),Extended peripherals
3)XmegaAVR :- (16-384 KB), DMA.

                                                             ATMEGA 16 PIN

Why should we used AVR?
Its is fast microcontroller which executes most of the instructions.Its is 4 times faster then PIC and also to consume less power and can operate in different saving modes.It has large memory,ADC Timers and PWM Channels are Inbuilt,and architecture is RISC.


Hello Reader,
How are you? Today i am going to tell you the basic concept of AVR. That what is AVR and how its works and what is the need to have the idea of this programming.What happened after studying about Robotics, so not taking much time,the answer to this question is now a days,in every where Robots is being used.whether it is in home or in any of the worked places,and we should have the knowledge about how to implement this ROBOTS, and also to have the knowledge about programming.Now a days, it is the world of Technologies.In this blog we are going to learn about the programming and also to learn about the implementing hardware on Robots.When this software get attach with the hardware or the software which gets implemented on the Hardware its forms Machines which works automatically,on other words you can say as "ROBOT".Yes,in this blog we are going to learn about basics knowledge about the programming and also to make hardware to make the complete ROBOT's models.
Here we are going to learn some knowledge about Embedded System,because its based on this only.
Embedded System:- Its is the combination of the Hardware and the Software. Likes daily used                                              mobile phones is the one kind of Embedded System.We are going to study about the Embedded C. The file that compile is the .hex file,in which its gets compile.and we should have some knowledge about the Electrical devices such as Resistors,Voltage divider,Capacitors, etc.This all electrical devices will help to implement the hardware when the software programming will be made.
Some Electrical device which we should know are:-
1)Resistors:- There are two kind of resistors are there,one is 4-Band and other is 5-Band resistor, and                       the shape of the resistor is zig-zag shape.
2)Voltage Divider:- Its is to calculate the output voltage of any device. Formula to calculate is:
                                                        Vo= Vin/Total Resistors
3)Memory:-Its consist of two RAM(Random Access Memory) and ROM(Read Only Memory). RAM is the permanent memory but ROM is the temporary memory.RAM has two types:- SRAM,DRAM.ROM has the various types:-MROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.
4)Instruction set :- 8051 can work only on 8 microprocessor where AVR can worked on 8,16,32 microprocessor ,PIC also worked on 8,16,32 microprocessor and ARM can worked on 32 microprocessor .It is basically a types of clock speeds.

About Robotic

Hello Reader,
Today's world is completely base on the Technologies,and all the technologies are based on the Programming,whether you can take an example of cell phones or social media sites. Each and every thing is based on the programming.All software made from different types of languages.There have different types of programming languages such as C,Embedded C,C++,C#,PHP ,Java, MatLab etc.In this AVR(Atmega 16),i will be going to tell you about Basic knowledge of programming and i will also tell you how to implement "ROBOT".AVR is basically a programming part before implementing any ROBOT. After having the idea of the programming, you can also write your own programming related to the AVR and you will be expert in implementing the hardware,and if you get any query regarding the programming you can also asked me in my mail.
e-mail at - rohit.hero12@gmail.com

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