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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Interfacing the LED and LCD

Hello reader,
Previous page,i told you how to install Two software where you can run this program and also how to check your own program from it.
Configuring IO Ports:Everyport(PORTx, x = A or B or C or D) of AVR microcontroller 3 registers associated with it:1)DDRx :- its to set direction of the pin of PORTx and known as Data Direction Register2)PORTx 3)PINx
 Program to blink LED using ATmega 16
#include<avr/io.h> //command on which Atmega 16 pin worked on
#include<util/delay.h> //this is for time delay
int main(void)
 DDRA=0xff; //for directing port A

How to install Atmega 16 software

Hello Reader,
In this page,i am going to tell you about how to install the software.So,First of all go to www.google.com then write" Atmel studio 6 " and download the file and the file size is 156 megabyte and it is free of cost, and then install it as per the guide given there.This software is to write the Embbeded c program,which is different form other programming language.Then after install the "Atmel Studio 6" then go to "new project" then click on "GCC C Executable" and write the name of the program and the click "ok" button. After that write the program in that and compile it and execute the program, and if the program doesn't execute the check it and again execute it.Then when your program get Run then go to " Proteus version 7.8  software", again install that software and then
 when this software get opened then click 'p' den write the name of the device like atmega 16 then set the pin according to the programming that you have done in it, and don't forget about to place the proper pin and set the four different types of port used in it.After connecting the pin,run debugged and then see you result on it and enjoy it.

Overview of C

Hello Reader,
In this page,i am going to tell you basic concept of 'C' programming because this language is going to be used in this AVR. This 'C' language will be used in many other programming because 'C' is the first programming language that came in the market and after that other programming Language came like C++ , JAVA ,C#. So,here lets start what is 'C' language? answer to this question ,'C' is the programming language that will help to developed the software. It is the basic language and its also important for all the programmer to know basic about 'C' language.'C' is the program that covert from high level language to the low level language which can easily understand by the user.Its covert the machine language to simple alphabetic form.When there was the Operating System call Linux/ Unix came that time this language is been used.This is small language.Its power is large collection of the Data types and operators.This is small and easily written and its a standard library.Week point of this language is is difficult to modify and also to understand it.If we want to display anything in the screen then we have to write ' Printf ' and ' Scanf ' .It is the Functional Programming Language.
printf("Hello: ");
where # is the directives and stdio is standard input/output.
Keywords that used in this Language are:
int,char,float,double,while,do while,if,if else,for,sizeof,switch,default,break,Enum,volatile etc.
Different Types of operators:
1) Logical Operator
2)Arithmetic Operator
3)Relational Operator
4)Bitwise Operator
1)Logical Operators are the operators which is being logically known.
    eg: || , &&
2)Arithmetic Operators are the operators which is used to add, minus, multiply both numbers.
    eg: +, * ,  / ,% , ++, --
3)Relational Operators are the operators which is having relation between both numbers or variable.
    eg: < , >, !=,<=, >=
4)Bitwise Operators are the operators which is applied to char,int short etc.
    eg:<<, >>

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