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Sunday, 26 April 2015


Hello Reader,
Today i am going to tell you about the features which are used in the C programming.These features are also used in the other programming languages like C++, C#, Java etc.If you want to be a good programmer you should have the knowledge about the features and how to used this features in coding the program and where to used it. So,features of C programming are If condition, for loop, if else statement, switch case.These are the basic features which we should know while learning about C programming.IF condition is used to check the condition. If the condition is true then "display" and if condition is false the "do not display".example:-if(a>b) then print 'a' else print 'b'. For loop has three phase first is for initializing the variable,second is to check the condition and third is to increments or decrements the value.example:- for(int i=0;i<n;i++). If else statement is used to check the condition and if the condition is not true go to another condition and then print it. example:- if(a>b) then print 'a' else if(b>c) then print 'b' else print 'c'. Switch case is to to print the multiple value.Different cases are used in it and  after completing each case you need to used break statement and at last you have to write default. example:- switch(A) { Case 1: body break statement then Case 2: body break statement default }. These are the basic features of C programming. These are the main features which is used when you write any program.


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