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Monday, 20 April 2015


Hello Reader,
In this page,i am going to tell you basic knowledge about the 'C' programming which will help you in future. I am going to tell you the basic concept about 'C'programming.I will be telling you about 'C' language that will help you to make the program and which will make your basic strong.
'C' is the programming language that covert from high level programming to low level programming language.At first there was the Linux operating system in which 'C' language programming is used.
This is small language.Its power is large collection of the Data types and operators.
This is small and easily written and its a standard library.week point of this language is that it is difficult to understand and also to modify the program.if we want to display anything in the screen then we have to write 'Printf' ' and 'Scanf'. It is the Functional Programming Language.
#include<stdio.h> //standard library
printf("Hello: ");
where # is the directives and stdio is standard input/output.


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